Winner Takes All

Hendricks takes the mound, Lester lurks in the pen.

            This is it! The biggest game of the year and possibly in Chicago Cubs history. Kyle Hendricks will take the mound tonight against Corey Kluber who the Cubs are seeing for the third time this series. Cubs’ bats will still be hot, facing a pitcher three times in one series. You normally have a pitcher figured out, meaning knowing what pitches he goes to in certain counts. Hitters will be more disciplined against Kluber’s breaking balls making him throw strikes. The key for the Cubs’ offense is simply hit and hit consistently. Knowing you have the league’s ERA leader starting with Mr. Jon Lester waiting in the pen, there is somehow a calmness over me. The Indians’ offense hasn’t been producing like they were earlier in the series, knowing Hendricks he’s not going to let two games get to him. If he can just go 5-6 innings then bring in Lester to close out the game. Whatever chances the Indians have tonight they need to capitalize on every moment or they will not win the game.

The Cubs’ offense looked electric yesterday, looking like the +215 run differential team they were in the regular season. Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Addison Russell were on point at the plate combined going: 8-15 3 HR, 9 RBI’s, 1 SO. Those numbers make me feel confident going into tonight’s game. The only person I can’t see having much of an impact tonight is Javier Baez, I feel like he has just lost all confidence at the plate and there is nothing he can do in the short time to get hot. After thinking about the game and the pitching matchup there should be an edge going to Chicago. Let me tell you if they win, Wrigleyville will be louder than it ever has been and the so called “curse” would be put to rest after 108 years.

Jason Lambertino @Lambertino_95

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