Game 3 Recap

Kyle Hendricks started off the Cubs’ momentum for the game. Top of the first, Hendricks gave up two hits with one out. After Hendricks gave up those two hits, he won a pickoff attempt at first and then struck out Mike Napoli to end the top of the first. Kyle Hendricks got in a big jam with the bases loaded and Joe Maddon went with one of his decision that Cubs fans on Twitter reacted badly to. Joe put in Justin Grimm with the hottest hitter at the plate, Francisco Lindor. Grimm forced him into a double play to get out of the inning. With the Cubs putting the leadoff hitter on, the Indians scored off of it with a wild pitch then a RBI single by Coco Crisp. Leading to that Andrew Miller was taken out of the game after striking out the side. The Cubs couldn’t find an answer for offense just managing three hits. Things got pretty tense in the bottom of the 9th with runners on second and third, but Baez couldn’t get the job done and strikes out. In order for the Cubs to win the World Series the bats need to wake up. This series is similar to the NLCS with the Dodgers when the Cubs were down 2-1. Things could easily turn to the Cubs’ favor with a big John Lackey win tomorrow.

Up next: Corey Kluber vs. John Lackey

Huge game for the Cubs. They can either tie the series and hand it to Lester for Game 5 or be down 3-1 to the Indians.

Jay Bates @jayyy625

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