Northside Mailbag

Northside Mailbag

  1. Coghlan is back! How do you feel about this?

I love Chris Coghlan. I remember sitting one afternoon and seeing how solid he was that day for Oakland and thinking “I miss that man”. He’s baaaaaaack. Am I sad to see Alcantra go? A little bit, not seeing his full potential whatsoever, but to have a solid production type guy like Coghlan back in the lineup is crucial.


  1. What are your thoughts on the Cubs’ draft picks?

Pitching! That was the focus this draft for the Cubbies, and I think it’s a great move. After filling needs position wise over the past few years, it’s back to fielding arms for the mound. Thomas Hatch from Oklahoma State (who’re BLOWING up in the NCAA postseason currently) was a great move, and a guy that the Cubs have been watching. After sitting out the first two rounds, it was finally time for the Cubs to get the arms that could reinforce future rotations. Not just Hatch, I’m excited to see Tyson Miller, Bailey Clark and solid Cal State Fullerton arm Chad Hockin.


  1. Do you think Javy Baez can be another “Ben Zobrist” as in a super utility guy?

Javy has been so solid in his time this season. That’s refreshing to see, honestly. Coming in hot last season, Baez showed power first and consistency second. It’s evident now that Baez has really worked more on his consistency to go with his power, especially on a team where the lineup could be almost as powerful without him. He’s been that Zobrist type, getting hits when he’s needed most and showing that he’s grown in the offseason.


  1. With the summer part of the season starting, what are the Cubs’ needs and who do you think can fill those needs?

Man, that’s tough. What needs do they have? Ring sizes? Only kidding. There’s a long way to go, but sitting where they do, the Cubs are more confident than ever. Jon Lester is dominating, in a year where it’s been all about Arrieta, and Jason Heyward is lighting it up, finally taking that offensive spark to go with his defensive prowess. Reliever wise, the Cubs are somewhat set, but another arm wouldn’t hurt. Adding someone who can get through a 6th and 7th inning if a starter is off would be great. Adding Coghlan added depth, which will be needed as we dive deeper into the season. I think hitting the summer portion, what’s needed most is steadiness. Being steady in your game, focusing on you and what’s in front, not what anyone is saying. This team looks ready, we’ll see where we are come the All-Star break.

Connor Ulrey @ConnorUlrey

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